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Devynn Thompson: American Plumber Story

Meet Devynn Thompson from Thompson Family Plumbing and Rooter.
Read her American Plumber story!
 How did you get started in the plumbing trade?
I was working as an operations manager for a dental office and my husband was working as a service technician for a large plumbing company in Riverside, CA. He was killing it, working his butt off and exceeding in his trade and knowledge in plumbing and drains. He decided he wanted to get his own contractor's license and start Thompson Family Plumbing. After a lot of stress and worry, we both took the plunge and devoted 100% of our lives into creating jobs and expanding our business. We both were scared to death. No more safety net, no more medical insurance or savings as we drained all we had to start our company. We didn't want to go into debt over a business we didn't know would succeed. It felt like going to Vegas and putting it all on black. I myself now run 2 plumbing locations and LOVE the operations side of the trade. There is so much more than the technical work that goes into being an all star plumber or service provider. I love the behind the scenes work that goes into the trades. I feel that the other side of the trades also deserves a voice and recognition. A lot of plumbers aren't business owners and had to learn as they go.
What do you like most about your work as a plumber?
I have learned how much blue collar people are looked down on or belittled. It has have given me a different perspective, and I want to work hard to change people's view of tradesmen and women.
What advice do you have for the younger generation entering the plumbing trade?
Learning a trade is something that no one can take from you, and you will always possess. That is invaluable. The cost is your dedication and your hard-work is priceless in the end.
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