American Plumber Stories: Season 3 Trailer
  In American Plumber Stories Season 3, you’ll hear some of the most inspiring stories told by plumbers whose lives were changed forever by the trade. 
Signing Day Special: American Plumber Stories
Eric Aune with Mechanical Hub joins us in Iowa for our “Signing Day” special at the Build My Future event. Look at the exhibitors and the hands-on experiences offered for students considering a trade career. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds also...
On A Mission
In season 2, episode 6, Craig Morgan takes us to Mississippi to meet with Patton Ford, owner of Ford Plumbing. On a post-college mission trip to Haiti, Patton was introduced to plumbing, and it ...
Major Influence
In season 2, episode 5, we interviewed Kristen Olson, President/Owner of Major Mechanical, one of the largest woman-owned businesses in Minneapolis, MN. In this episode, we highlight how ...
Can't Wait
In season 2, episode 4, we head to South Florida to meet Omar Harris, a plumber who is changing people's expectations of what a plumber is and influencing others along the way. With over ...
Plumbing Passion
In season 2, episode 3, we head to Colorado Springs to meet Diego Lujan, the owner of Alpha Elite Plumbing. For the past 15 years, Diego has passionately worked in the plumbing trade. Being a true ...
George The Plumber
In season 2, episode 2, we head to New Jersey to visit with some influential individuals who are fundamentally changing the way people view the trades and how we educate the next generation.
Baskets Before Gaskets
In season 2, episode 1, we meet Kevin Johnson, owner of CHS Plumbing in Phoenix AZ. Kevin shows us how a 2nd generation plumber can find time to compete on the USA Senior Basketball team.
American Plumber Stories: Season 2 Trailer
Season 2 of American Plumber Stories takes a closer look at the change makers, the teachers, the influencers, and the women who are reshaping the plumbing industry.
In season 1, episode 6, we visit with Plumbing Plus plumber Trey Young. Trey is a new generational plumber that has become an Instagram influencer with his plumbing-focused content. You ...
Start Your Engine
In season 1, episode 5 of American Plumber Stories, we visit Lakeland, Fl. to spend time with Jeff Oeschger. Jeff is a second-generation plumber who has a passion for stock car racing.
Plumb Crazy
In season 1, episode 4, we meet Tracey Hyman-Montee of Casey-Hyman Plumbing. Tracey grew up in a house built by plumbing, and her family has always been in the business. After getting ...
Craig Morgan Concert: American Plumber Stories
Great time hanging out with J-Berd Mechanical at the Craig Morgan Sauk Rapids Firefighter Fundraiser concert. Our host always puts on a phenomenal show!
Labor Day Special: American Plumber Stories
Thank you to all the Plumbers and Tradespeople for all the work you do day in and day out. We hope you all have a great Labor Day Weekend.
Family Matters
In season 1, episode 3, Ryan Kruse takes us "up" the Columbia River and shows how much his family supported his entry into the plumbing trade. The kicker? Ryan didn't want to become ...
The Next Generation
In season 1, episode 2, J-Berd Mechanical of Sauk Rapids, Minnesota started the J-Berd Learning Program with local high schools to find the next generation of plumbers. In episode two, we ...
Six Feet Under
In season 1, episode 1, we meet Ken Clark, a second-generation American Plumber from Brandon, Mississippi, who's taken his father's business to be one of the largest plumbing contractors ...
The Beginning: American Plumber Stories
 American Plumber Stories, presented by Pfister Faucets, is a new docuseries that promotes the plumbing industry to the next generation of professionals. You’ll meet American plumbers as they share their passion for the trade and how it has led to...