Loyal Plumbing in Rapid City, SD has quite the band of "Misfits" working together! Plumbing is a constant in these guys lives and has always been there for them. Plumbing allows this crew to try different things, be accountable and make great money. They encourage others to enter the trades because there are so many opportunities and pathways in the trades industry to find something you love to do as a successful career.

Meet the Loyal Plumbing “Misfit” team below:

Mark Falcon from Rapid City, SD found his way thanks to plumbing. He was at a crossroad after high school and had no idea what to do next. Thanks to his job at a hardware store, he had the opportunity to go on a plumbing job site and saw how good the money was in the trades. The rest is history! When he's not in the field plumbing for his company, Loyal Plumbing, or with his wife Kirsten Falcon, he's fighting fires for the local fire department. He gives credit to the trades for all of his success in life.

Jeff Mulz, co-owner of Loyal Plumbing, wears many hats for the company, including working as one of the onsite plumbers. He is a Professional Golfer in his spare time, with many tournament championship titles under his belt. When Mark joined the fire department, Jeff was the first "Misfit" hire to help run the day-to-day business because golf was a seasonal job and he needed something full-time. Now, he has created a dream life for him and his family, all because of the trades.

Jeremy Davis has been a plumber for over a decade and was their third "Misfit" hire. From service plumbing to new construction, Jeremy can do it all. He gives back to his community by helping others that grew up like him, living day-to-day on the reservation. Jeremy teaches kids the ins and outs of the trade and by doing this, he shows the troubled youth how working in the trades can be an escape. The trades education has helped to keep these kids out of trouble and has provided direction for all those who struggle growing up on the reservation. He's overcome a lot of challenges in life and is thriving now, thanks to his career in plumbing.


  • Tony Kellar

    I have my own P&H company and liked the story and your flag I have the same symbol for my company I would like to acquire a flag (631)321-1334

  • Tony Kellar

    I have my own P&H company and liked the story and your flag I have the same symbol for my company I would like to acquire a flag (631)321-1334

  • Kyle zarb

    Hey Loyal & Co. This is Kyle Zarb From Plumb Pro (Livonia mi.)

    I am a fourth generation plumber
    My great Grandpa moved from Italy and started Montella Plumbing and heating.
    In Dearborn Michigan
    I love plumbing and am passionate
    About it
    I love making people happy after a job

    And I was inspired by your guys episode ! Thanks

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