Tyler Watson: American Plumber Story

Meet Tyler Watson from Hoffmann Brothers.
Read his American Plumber story!
 How did you get started in the plumbing trade?
My father in law, who at the time was just my girlfriend's dad, saw that I was helping my family pay bills and not doing well in school because of it. At first, I was skeptical of plumbing as a career but after a while I really fell in love with job.
What do you like most about your work as a plumber?
Getting to interact with new people everyday. I get to enter their home as a trusted advisor and help them resolve their problems. It's an amazing feeling when I'm leaving a house that even though they had a plumbing issue that they have now invested their time and money to resolve they enjoyed their experience with Hoffmann Brothers. It means a lot when you really earn a customers trust and I love that feeling.
What advice do you have for the younger generation entering the plumbing trade?
My advice would be to enter into it with an open mind. Plumbing can be a very rewarding career for a number of reasons. As a trade, it tends to be viewed in a negative light because of service work. Plumbing is not all service work, there is new construction as well. Keep an open mind and you might find a job that you enjoy going to every day.

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