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How did you get started in the plumbing trade?
Well my dad has been plumbing all my life, he’s been plumbing for 40 years, he was the first contractor in Oklahoma City to have plumbers clear 100K back in the 90’s, he’s trained many plumbers who own their own businesses out in the field today, he had over 100 trucks in his fleet, and he has won numerous plumbing awards, I actually went to college at OU and wasn’t making the money or had the freedom that college portrays and I finally told dad I was ready to pick up a wrench and help the company with my service skills and customer experience skills I’ve picked up through my time as a furniture salesman and server at a restaurant. I am still learning how to truly plumb while I’m in VoTech school but will be able to test for my Journeyman license in June. My brother is also getting involved and will be testing for his HVAC contractors this November and is working towards his double license in plumbing as well. Now my dad runs a tight knit crew where it’s him, my mom who answers the phones, 2 other guys who have been with us for years, and me and my brother. It’s been very exciting learning the trade and seeing how much of an impact my dad has had in the OKC trade community in general, and my love for plumbing has grown immensely and I love working for my dad!
What do you like most about your work as a plumber?
I love that as a service technician, the job is never the same and you get to run into different challenges everyday. Some days are good and other days make you appreciate the good ones! But also being the superhero when we show up to the call and we can fix a homeowners problem effectively and quickly it’s a great feeling.What advice do you have for the younger generation entering the plumbing trade? 
Well as much as I did not listen to Dad for a long time, all I can say is there is nothing wrong with picking up plumbing and that the world is going to need us more than ever within the next 15-20 years. All my dad’s friends and dad are going to retire eventually. My dad may never actually retire but that group of contractors and journeymen is coming to that point in their lives.

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