Ray Alvarez: American Plumber Story

Meet Ray Alvarez from Service Pros Plumbers
Read his American Plumber story!
 How did you get started in the plumbing trade?
Applied for an apprenticeship
What do you like most about your work as a plumber?
Being able to see the work you did, and being proud of what you did. Helping people everyday, and learning something new every single day.
What advice do you have for the younger generation entering the plumbing trade?
Plumbing is Essential, always changing, and will be around forever. We are in high demand right now, and it’s a great career. There will be days where you’ll be doing the simplest jobs, then there will be days where you’ll be coming home having nightmares about a pipe leaking or if you remembered to turn the water back on. It’ll all pay off, and don’t quit is the main goal… Plumb on.


  • Wayne Gray

    Tankless water heaters are the new norm now. What is your favorite brand to install/service?

  • aaron

    I want to be a Plumber

  • Amanda Duncklee

    Thank you American Plumbing Stories for your work in highlighting this essential industry! Plumbing protects the health and safety of our world, and we need to keep raising awareness of the people who commit themselves to this important work. PHCC Long Island appreciates what you do in highlighting plumbing. Thank you!

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